Next open stage: Erzählbühne at 17.06.2019, 7pm

In the first part of the evening everybody can tell a story – traditional tales, biographical oder fictional stories. From a little joke to stories of max. 10 minutes everything is possible as long as you perform without papers or books.

Annika Füser & Mohammed Kello
Storytelling Performance: „Von König Horst… Û Çîrokên din“

In the second part of the evening the Erzählbühne presents two Special Guests: Annika Füser & Mohammed Kello

Hakaya 2.0 – Çîroka 2.0 – Geschichten 2.0 –  حكايا 2.0  

with their show:

„Von König Horst… Û Çîrokên din“

Performance language is Arabic, German and Kurdish.