About Me

Christine Lander has been performing as a storyteller at festivals, in theatres and museums since 2007. She studied theatre pedagogy at UdK Berlin (MA 2006) as well as history and South-Asian sciences at the Humboldt University (MA 2004).

Participates in the long-term storytelling school project ErzählZeit in Berlin. In 2018 she was chairwoman of the Erzählkunst e. V. – storytelling association in Berlin.

Teaches storytelling at the University of the Arts Berlin (amongst others).

Aside from her many solo programs, she also tells stories in a bilingual duo, or with musicians, as well as acting at Theater Anu.


Jaguars, Poisons and a Vision of Nature

Alexander von Humboldts legendary journey and South American tales of Wisdom, Wit and Wonder told by Christine Lander

The year is 1799. Scientists Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland travel to South America. From the ports of Venezuela to the volcano Mount Chimborazo, from “Paradise on Earth” to plagued missions all the way to the “Kingdom of Poison”, they trace unknown footprints, explore dark caves, climb volcanoes and measure the world. With her storytelling, Christine Lander uniquely combines the legendary adventures of discovery with indigenous tales and myths from South America.

Duration: 60 min. Solo, 80 min. with percussionist Daniel Topo Gioia.

Glikl of Hameln – Diamond Trader, Mother, Jewish Storykeeper

Christine Lander tells the biography of Glikl of Hameln. The jewish diamond trader, mother, and jewish storykeeperThe incredible story of Glikls memoirs, the first pre-modern autobiography by a woman from Germany.

Duration: 60 min.



German Trickster Stories

A journey of laughter through Germany’s cities and regions with their different fools and their outrageous tricks.

Berlin Story Walks

Haunted Berlin – A Story Tour

Next Tour: Oct, 20th, 11 a.m. in English, (Oct 20th 2.30 p.m. in German).

Duration: appr. 1,5 h. Costs 12/8 Euro. More Info below.

How did the bone of a giant get on the wall of an Inn in Berlin? What’s the secret behind the tiny cross in front of St. Mary’s Church? Who’s haunting Berlin Palace?

Hidden behind the facades of this city or openly in its streets and squares – thereby passed by unsuspecting tourists ans locals alike – a knowing eye could find references to a different history, shrouded in memory and handed down in legend and lore. We will explore some of these tales at various stops along the way and glimpse a different reality unbeknownst even to many of this city’s inhabitants.

Costs:  per person 12 € regular and 8 € for students (and other people with low income).
Please bring additional money to buy a beverage in a restaurant, where we will conclude the tour with one last story.
Registration: Your registration is requested via mail  c.lander@gmx.net or phone +49-178-1654342
Please dress according to the weather.




Still Young at 250! Celebrating the Birthday of Alexander von Humboldt.
In cooperation with Salapanga, Berlin, Germany

Literaturhaus Berlin – House of Literature, Berlin, Germany

Jungfrau International Storytelling Festival Interlaken, Switzerland


Storytelling Time – International Storytelling Festival Bolzano, Italy

10th Anniversary of ErzählZeit, Berlin, Germany

10th Anniversary of Erzählbühne (Storytelling Stage) Berlin, Germany


20th Storytelling  Festival Hannover, Germany

Sparda-Erzählfestival – International Storytelling Festival Kassel, Germany


Zwischenzeiten – International Storytelling Festival, Aachen, Germany

6th International Storytelling Festival Bressanone, Italy


Zauberwort – International Storytelling Festival, Nuremberg, Germany

Gelsenkirchener Erzählfrühling – International Storytelling Festival Gelsenkirchen, Germany


Berlin erzählt – 1st Berlin Storytelling Festival, Germany


Feuerspuren – International Storytelling Festival, Bremen, Germany

Zauberwort – International Storytelling Festival, Nuremberg, Germany


Juli im März – Literature Festival, Hannover, Germany


Barocke Schlössernacht – Castles Night, Potsdam, Germany

Meermärchen. First Scandinavian-German Storytelling Festival, Berlin, Germany

Kathalaya, Bangalore, India


Tangoloft, Berlin, Germany

2010 – 2019

Märchentage – Fairy Tale Festival, Berlin, Germany

2008 – 2020

ErzählZeit – Storytelling School Project, Berlin, Germany


Zoooom Storytelling Stage Berlin – Lights in the Dark by Clare Muireann Murphy

Once a month the storytelling stage Erzählbühne takes place in Berlin. Renowned artists present storytelling at its best. And the audience gets to tell its stories on an open stage. Because of the pandemic we cannot host the event live as usual.  But no storytelling is no option either! So we’ll have Clare Murphy telling …


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You can also find further informations about me on the following sites:
Theaterteamer, Theater Anu, Erzählkunst e. V. and VEE.